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App Suggestions

Here's some info to help get started.

Treasure Chess

The first app built with the Keyp onboarding stack was Treasure Chess. Treasure Chess allows users to log in with their existing accounts, participate in an NFT collecting game, access a gasless NFT marketplace using USDC and buy items with credit cards. If you are curious about our offerings and would like to learn more, please contact us here.


If you're interested in improving your game or are interested in creating one with a robust in-game economy, turn items into secure collectibles or give players the power and ownership of Web3 - consider implementing the Keyp stack. Keyp's tools help with item management, account creation, authenticating users and so much more.

Keyp provides many different add-ons, for example, giving players the ability to trade items or in-game currency between different games and domains.

Social Apps

Keyp is a great fit for social, community and crowd funding apps. You can expand your user base with the use of Keyp by giving users the ability to log in with accounts they are familiar with and only having to onramp themselves once. To learn more, contact us here.


Working on something else? Let us know!